s a t a r u c c t i i (shunia) wrote,
s a t a r u c c t i i

The Seduction of Persephone

I didn’t want to stay, pining for winds
that billow in my mother’s golden fields.
He promised me everything but the air
I gasp for. There’s nothing here but wet caves,
dripping with souls glory-sold - an age old
lie. ‘Eat something before you go,’ he said.

Second Seed
Such a tiny nibble. But, O, so sweet!
The seeds erupt like dribbles of tiny
fireworks on my tongue and surged through my veins.
Am I more divine than I can ever be?
This burning passion in me – is that what
he felt when he snatched me by my ankles?

Third Seed
He weaves chains with a soft voice, delicate
touches, and feeds you with exquisite fruits.
I’m not hungry, yet I want more, more, more!
Like a well-oiled pusherman, he gives it
Bit by bit. Yearnings for sunlit fields fade.
Now I want the dark vines in his garden.

Fourth Seed
I forgot about Demeter crying.
I couldn’t feel the chains tighten around
my ankles. All I want is his embrace,
his dark eyes. I want his dark eyes because
my golden fields are in there. Smiling, he
comes near and curls his hand around my waist.

Fifth Seed
‘Enough. I’ve had enough. I am full now.’
In fog and limpid souls, I caught him smirk.
But I didn’t stop. I picked one more seed
from his hand. The chill is growing, searing
into my head. Beget me! Beget me!
I must light up his garden, his dark throne.

Sixth Seed
Did I tell you how sweet the seeds? How sweet
his lips? As he kissed me, I heard cackles
of laughter tumbling from his formless slaves.
There is torture in relieve, desire shrieks.
Demeter will never relinquish to
me her kingdom, not like the way he would.

Seventh Seed
When at last she came for me, the earth had
withered. She begged me to come home. To leave
him in his hell hole. She wants her child back
but there is no child. There’s a woman who
devoured the child. Wrung out her innocence
with seven drops of seeds. And she wants more.

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