s a t a r u c c t i i (shunia) wrote,
s a t a r u c c t i i

Confessions From a Bit of Sail

be thinking reading saying why is it that the sky moves even more mysteriously nowadays.

It is as if people trees cars building had either simply vanished pooft! faded into the background of noise eyes steps.

Perhaps the wind simply blew everything away.

But I can feel pounding aching crying smiling at the imprint of your hands body eyes holding me.

I can feel the crushing sweet agony of content so fiercely protected by your scent voice sweet tasting mouth pounding heart disguised by that set jawline.

Nothing feels like where they should be. But did you ever see such beauty in a day?

It is not love passion lust heat loneliness that brings two people out in the universe hopeless digging for another corpse to share their dying dreams.

Maybe something made two people out in the universe look upon the same tiny twinkle out of milliongajillions of them.

Then the tide washed everything in. Brought me in to linger for a day.

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