s a t a r u c c t i i (shunia) wrote,
s a t a r u c c t i i

When waiting for your lover

When I was on the train, wondering what
you would be wearing, how you would look as
you slowly stroll out from the gate. Thinking
how I'd recognise you - my anxiety

In every other waiting face. And if
we'd turn away (lost and found) as we hugged?
The mind does its funny turns but my heart
saw your bright face in the crowds of lost souls.

Perhaps you're still floating in particles
of air echoed by your deliberate
footsteps. I was shaking from your thundering
heart that had come home to me. While waiting.

When waiting for your lover, you create
a portal by tucking your delicate
soul into his arms, only to let it
fly with his dreams. And when he brings it back,

you are whole again.


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