s a t a r u c c t i i (shunia) wrote,
s a t a r u c c t i i

Dream Vortex Conundrum

Dawn is dusk, dusk is dawn. Before the sun
Shines, everything is cold. But in your dreams
those fields of gold shine on shine on like flames
Of so many stories told. We never
Woke up, never got away. We never

quite managed to point fingers though it’s quite
obvious we did. Chasing dreams we never
woke up from, the colours just shifted from
one angle to the next. Running never
Felt like running. Dying never feels

Like dying. The excitement we feel can
be pinned like a long white line across the
backyard. We finally come home, ready
to hang up everything. We never slept
through those wispy nights. When the dreams brought us

To faraway places - we went again
and again. We came to the place we went.
We swam in the pool that drowned us and peeled
off fires that burnt us. Floating and falling
into musical spheres, we unsound your

Words. We uttered nothing, painted nothing
that was not written in your eyes. Our eyes
through your soul. Unheard, unlived and hopeless
but still alive in those ivory mists,
blown across the sands, blown across the sands.

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