s a t a r u c c t i i (shunia) wrote,
s a t a r u c c t i i


Getting used to the absence is not really
the best thing to do. Afterall, the drudgery
will continue and there will be snippets of
too many champagned evenings with fireworks friends

who so often burst in and out of my life.
One honestly can't expect much gloom and doom.
No. It's about getting used to the distance;
the jokes too far away to comprehend and

the nights too long apart for company; and
to spend the days feeling like you are stranded
lonelily at the tail of the galaxy.
It is really about being acquainted

with the peeled-off pieces of our destinies -
becoming unreachable - until one day
in the past future perfect we will meet once
again. Not strangers. Not closer. And again,

merely a mirror apart from each other.

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